The backend platform to manage all your content for your event


All customers can get a login to access our dashboard. The dashboard is the place to manage all your settings and configuration of your event

Event selector

In case you manage more then one event this is the list where you can select the event you want to work for

Event Details

This is the location where you can manage all your settings of the event. Some general information, enable or disable platform features, configure event timings and profile information


The settings and look and feel of all rooms can be managed by the event organisers. Create unlimited rooms to re-create your real event or create a fully virtual location. You always need a lobby to start from and from there you can create whatever you can imagin.

User management

From this page you can manage your users for your event.

Invite people one by one or perform a bulk upload using an Excel file with full user profiles.

Add team members to co-create the event is also possible. You can add unlimited users that can configure your events.


A digital event without meetings would just be a website so off course you can setup all meetings or streamings that will be used in the platform. By default we create Microsoft Teams meetings for you but you can also change these meetings to other systems (Zoom, Google Meet, ...)

Media library

Our platform is a very visual platform so you need to manage all media. From Thola we provide free to use media assets but off course you can upload your own media on organization level to be re-used over different events or you create the content just for that one event and in this way you can keep your medialibrary very clean.

Room templates

Every room can hold any component to make almost anything possible but if you need a starting point we created some templates for you. We have templates in 3 categories: Lobby, Auditorium and Booth room.

You can create a room based on a template but you can also create your own templates from a room you created by yourself to make is very easy to reuse a room in another event.


All attendees will get an avatar assigned when they register. The set of avatars that you see here is our standard set but you can create your own set of avatars and extend our set or just replace our set with your own set of avatars.

A special avatar for people with a special role is also possible so with this feature you can customize your event even more.