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The menu bar

Your profile picture

By clicking the avatar icon in the left corner of the menu bar below, your profile settings pop up at the right of your screen. There you can upload a profile picture. This picture will overwrite your avatar in your “attendee card” when used.

Your availability status

You can change your status into “do not disturb” to inform other attendees that you’re not available to network.

Don’t forget to change it into “available” if you’re open to network.


The “Home” button

The “Home” button brings you back to the lobby, if you’re in the auditorium or in one of the rooms.

The “Attendee” button

The “Attendee” button gives you an overview of alle attendees of the event. You can search for a specific attendee by typing in the name or company. You can even add an attendee to your favorites.

By using this functionality, you can send a message or start a videocall (if the attendee is available) or schedule a meeting.

The “Chat” button

By clicking the “chat” button you can start a new conversation or you can see your conversation history. Search for an attendee you want to chat with. You can even start group chat session via this button.


The “Calendar” button

Click here to view your scheduled meetings. Here you can see who you have a scheduled meeting with, at what time and for how long.


The “Call History” button

Click here to view your call history from this event. Here you will find meetings that have taken place as well as missed or declined calls.


The notification settings

Click here to open the notification settings menu. Here you can manage your preferences for system notifications and sounds.


Book a private demo

Are you interested in getting to know Thola? Register here for a free one-to-one demonstration.

During this interactive demo we will give you a tour of the platform, showcase our features and give you some inspiration on how to use Thola for your hybrid or virtual events. Ofcourse we will also take time to answer any question you might have about the platform and its functionalities.