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How do I navigate in Thola?

By default when entering an event you are placed in the central lobby. You will have a name card above your avatar to indicate where you are located amongst the other attendees.

Navigate the event by using the displayed doors. Click any door to enter a room or an auditorium. To get back click the lobby door or the location icon on the menu bar below.

Where can I find more information about the sponsors or partners of the event?

Billboards can de found anywhere in the event.

Hover over the billboard for more information on the sponsor or partner. A dialog appears from which you can consult the displayed or presented info.

Take the opportunity to talk directly to the sponsor/partner by clicking “let’s talk”. The call is setup similarly as talking to another attendee.


Join our group demo

Every week we host a free demonstration for companies. We invite you for a small Thola event so you can experience the platform first-hand. Offcourse we will also take some time to answer your questions about te platform and its functionalities.
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