See how Thola stimulates personal interaction during online networking events.

Connect One-on-one

Search and find the attendees you want to meet and talk to. Just by hoovering over another attendee, a popup will appear with extra information about that person and the possible actions that can be performed:

  • Meet now: a call will be setup between yourself and the other attendee. The other attendee needs to accept the call to start talking. It is also possible to join other attendees to the call to setup a group call.
  • Meet later: When you see someone you would like to talk with in a later phase you can click Meet later. The other person will receive a notification and a real meeting can be setup at a later moment by one of the 2 connections.
  • Save contact: every attendee has a list of saved contacts to review at any moment. You can add people by clicking on Save Contact. This will only include the limited information shown in the popup to be GDPR proof.
Personal interaction during the virtual event with Thola.