Looking for an Online New Year Event?

Celebrate christmas and the new year with your colleagues fully online.

Did your company event plans got cancelled due to COVID-19 measures?

Celebrating Christmas or the New Year with colleagues is always a lot of fun... but might be difficult given today's circumstances.

But it doesn't have to be.

With Thola you are able to host your digital events easier than ever before. Instantly go from group chat to video conference with the touch of a button.

Connect one-on-one

Search and find the colleague(s) you want to meet and talk to. Talk to them immediately or save the conversation for later during a virtual drink at a cosy winter bar. Or meet up in a group at the central gathering place of your online new year's event.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year online

Looking for a way to host a christmas and new year's reception online for your team and organization? Thola allows you to host a virtual new year's reception between January 4 and February 29 for your colleagues and/or friends.

Meet up and chat at a winter-themed lobby, host speeches in an auditorium and customize the theme of your event to your company's needs.

Simple pricing, no surprises.

We are completely transparent in our pricing. When hosting a virtual event with Thola there are basically two things to keep in mind which are a setup cost and the price per attendee who is registered for the event.

Setup fee: €250

Less than 500 attendees = 5€ per ticket 

Between 500 and 1000 attendees = 4€ per ticket 

More than 1000 attendees = 3€ per ticket 

What is included in a standard setup: 

  • 1 Lobby in style of New Year with winter attributes on it 
  • 1 extra room 
  • 1 Auditorium for a speech up to 300 attendees (*) 


  • 1 Bar to connect or catch up with others


·     Customizations are possible on request with an additional cost (see below)

·     (*) with more than 300 attendees we can incorporate a live presentation using Microsoft Teams Live Event, Youtube Live or Vimeo Live. We can also incorporate YouTube premiere for prerecorded sessions 

All customisation to the layout is possible

When you would like more breakout rooms or visualize other content on your event you can contact us and we will work out a special design for your event.

In this example we created 9 breakout rooms for different teams and one auditorium for the mail speech of the reception.