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About Thola

The Thola virtual event platform provides a digital environment where people can connect, network, discover and exchange information.

Virtual event organizers create events by setting up a multi-room virtual event space where activities like e.g.: live streaming presenter sessions or pre-recorded video content are made available. 

Partners and sponsors can hire rooms and billboards in order to highlight their specific branded content or even can configure manned sponsor booths allowing them to talk directly to booth visitors. 

Attendees will wander around the digital event rooms, visit sponsor booths, attend sessions in the auditoria or just look for information, meet people and talk to any other attendee. 

By using Microsoft Teams as the communication platform Thola relies on a trusted and stable platform. All attendees can join video-chat sessions, exchange business cards and chat with each other during the event bringing interactivity to the next level for every participant.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and approachable. Whether you are planning a virtual company gathering or a big international event, Thola makes sure you will be the perfect host.

Hosting a digital event with live personal interaction becomes easy with Thola.