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Our story

Thola was founded to respond to the need of digital events that are interactive, easy accessible and customisable. 

We started exploring the market of virtual event platforms and noticed that there existed two groups of digital event solutions. On the one hand we found companies that provide lists of attendees, but lack interaction and customisation in design. On the other hand there are full 3D platforms with nice designs but consequently require extra software downloads.

We therefore came up with the idea to combine a 3D look and feel in a 2D space where it is very easy to create your own personalised environment and where each person is visualised by its own avatar. 

Thola stands out from other competitors because of its unique combination of networking possibilities, customisable design and multiple options to bring content to the user. 

Meet our team


Wouter Janssens

Product Owner
Wouter has over 20 years of experience in software projects. In his free time he's a photographer, globetrotter and bon vivant.
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Avatar Sofie

Sofie Brijs

Digital Event Creator
Social Media Manager
The first 5 years of her career, Sofie acquired experience in HR & Marketing. She spends her free time studying languages, practicing sports and traveling the world.
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Nathan Aertgeerts

Sales Representative
Digital Event Creator
Nathan has a background in software development but reoriented towards sales & business development. After working hours you can find him playing golf, padel and indoor football. Nathan also loves to travel.
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Dries Verbeke

With over 25 years of experience, Dries is our senior .NET developer & technical architect. Guided by "The way of Zen" and Tai Chi, he is looking for harmony in coding, while always adding that bit extra.
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Wim Geentjens

Wim is a full stack developer with 2 years of experience. He's responsible for the Teams integration in Thola. In his spare time you can find him gaming, on a bike or at his local makerspace starting yet another hobby project.
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Rémi Smeets

Rémi is a full stack developer with over 2 years of experience. He had a big role in setting up the Thola dashboard & integration with Azure. In his spare time he loves to travel, relax with friends or watch a good movie.
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Jimmy Segers

Jimmy is specialized in software development. He focussed on the front-end of the Thola platform. He recently took his first steps into game development, but he will usually be found slaying beasts in Azeroth or with friends in the pub.
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