About us

Thola provides a virtual event platform where people can connect, network, discover and exchange information. 

Our story

We noticed that people were getting fatigue about following webinars and companies that organizers the webinars provide the information but lack to get in contact with the “attendees”. 

We started with an investigation in the market of virtual event platforms and we saw a lot of tools providing lists sessions and attendees with limited possibilities to your own identity on the platform. At the other hand of the spectrum of tools are full 3D platforms where you can walk around and it almost looks like a game. The problem with this type of platform that often extra software needs to be installed and a 3D artists is needed to create a personalized environment. 

Then we came with the idea to combine a 3D look and feel in a 2D space were it is very easy to create your own environment. Secondly we added networking in the core of our platform so every attendee becomes an avatar an by this avatar you can get in touch with other attendees. 

Meet our team

Wouter Janssens

Product owner

Sofie Brijs

Digital Event Creator
Social media manager

Nathan Aertgeerts

Sales representative
Digital Event Creator

Wim Geentjens


Jimmy Segers


Rémi Smeets


Dries Verbeke


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Every week we host a free demonstration for companies. We invite you for a small Thola event so you can experience the platform first-hand. Offcourse we will also take some time to answer your questions about te platform and its functionalities.
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