Online Networking Event

Are you looking to virtually gather a group of professionals, mostly active within the same industry? And is the main objective to let them engage with each other with the purpose of building valuabe connections? An online networking event is what you need! A virtual networking event is all about connection, interaction and engagement.

This professional get-together is the perfect ocasion to bring in new leads and to put your company’s brand out there. Get started on your next online networking event by keeping the following guidelines in mind!

Inspire your attendees with interesting conversation topics

Online networking event - conversation starter
Conversation starters

It’s always easier to start a conversation with a new person after both having participated in a keynote session or in an in-dept discussion panel. It’s the ideal icebreaker to ask the other person’s point of view and start exchanging ideas about it. Finding a common interest to start engaging with each other is essential to make your online networking event a great success. 

Make the networking as lowthreshold as possible

After having found the ideal topic to start your conversation, you want to able to reach out in an easy way to your conversation partner. 
Thola offers multiple lowthreshold networking features:

Chat messages

Attendees can easily search through the attendee list which includes the interests. From there you can start your conversation by sending a chat message. In this chat, you can send emojis and attachment such as PDFs, PPTs, images and more. Next to that, you can also invite other people and make it a group chat.

Online networking event - chat messages
On-to-one calls

Whether you have been chatting for a while and want to take it to the next level or you just prefer to start the conversation by a call, the one-to-one calls allow your users to engage on a more personal level. This is the case because attendees can communicate with each other by using their microphone and/or camera. These calls can also be extended into group calls at any time. For these calls we are integrated with MS Teams

Online networking event - calls

Would you like to give your participants a little push? Then you should opt for speed-dates. You can either decide beforehand who you would like to put together and for how much time. You can make this speed-date schedule based on similar interest for example. Would you rather let fate decide who gets to go with who, then we can also arrange them at random.

Provide tools for proper follow-up

When your online networking event is over, your attendees want to stay in touch with each other.
Our Thola platform offers two main features to ensure this smooth follow-up.

Online networking event - favorites
Favorites list

When scrolling through your attendee list, you will have the option to add people to your favorites list. At any time, you are abl to export this list which includes the first name, last name and interests.

Social media

When activating this feature, all attendees have the option to add social media links to their profile card which is visible for all attendees. By adding your LinkedIn account for example, people can easily add you to their network and stay in touch.

Our references

Interested in hosting your own online networking event, but still looking for more inspiration? 
Read our client references below! 

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