Virtual Career Fair

Are you looking for an original and effective way to recruit new employees? A virtual career fair is what you need! It’s the perfect occassion to put your organisation in the spotlight and to connect with potential employees. By means of interactive booths your audience can easily be informed and reach out to you.

Whether you want to promote different departments within your organisation or rather include various companies in your virtual job fair, Thola is here to support you! Discover here which features should definitely be included to make your virtual career fair a great success.

Put your company in the spotlight

An essential part of organising a virtual career fair is to make the right information available in an original way. 
Your attendees expect to be informed about your company’s activities, core values and open job positions.
Thola offers two main features to present this information to your users:

Virtual career fair - billboard

A virtual billboard includes a fixed structure and contains the logo of your company, your website, a virtual business card, a group call and a promotional video.

Virtual career fair - booth

An online booth offers more flexibility than a billboard. For example: the design can be customised and you can add as many documents or videos to your booth as you like.

Networking is key

Another important characteristic of a virtual career fair, is the networking part. Both you and the visitors should be able to easily reach out to each other. To faciliate this networking, you can count on the follow networking features within Thola:

Chat messages

Attendees can easily search through the attendee list to find potential employees or potential employers within their domain of interest. From there they can start a conversation by sending a chat message. In this chat, you can send emojis and attachments such as your company’s brochure or the attendee’s resume for example.

Virtual career fair chat messages
One-to-one calls

Whether you have been chatting for a while and want to take it to the next level or you just prefer to start the conversation by a call, the one-to-one calls allow your attendees to engage on a more personal level. This is the case because attendees can communicate with each other by using their microphone and/or camera. For this communication we collaborate with Microsoft Teams.

Virtual career fair - calls

Would you like to give your participants a little nudge? Then you should opt for speed-dates. In this scenario attendees will receive a pop-up with the request to join a call. These speed-dates can be set up in advance or can be arranged randomly.

Virtual career fair - speeddate
Virtual business card

Each exhibitor can add a virtual business card to his/her booth or billboard. This card allows attendees to leave their profile information in a GDPR-proof way with the owner of the stand.

Virtual career fair - business card
Favorite's list

Attendees have the option to add other people to their favorite’s list. Once the list is complete, they can make an export of it. This list included first name, last name and all other fields that were filled in by the attendee.

Virtual career fair - Favorites

Our references

Eager to put your company in the spotlight and to recruit new employees on your next virtual career fair? 
Check out our client references below to gain more inspiration! 

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