Virtual fair

A virtual fair is an online gathering which brings together attendees from different locations to exchange information, ideas and contact details. It’s the ideal occasion for companies to exhibit their products or services by means of virtual booths or billboards. This exhibition creates brand awareness and can boost the selling of your solution.

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Put your partners in the spotlight

When organising a virtual fair, you want to highlight the presence of your partners so that they can promote their products or services.
Thola has two dedicated features to include your partners or sponsors in your virtual fair:

Virtual fair - billboard

On the one hand we offer a virtual billboard which has a fixed structure including the company’s website, a virtual business card, a group call and a promotional video.

Virtual fair - booth

On the other hand, you can assign a virtual booth to your partners. A booth is more flexible than a billboards and can be customised. For example, you can add as many videos or documents to it as you please.

Virtual fair - partner levels 2
Different partner levels

If you like, you can even make a distinction between different partner levels:

  • Bronze: the partner receives a billboard with a fixed structure
  • Silver: the partner receives a booth with a fixed structure
  • Gold: the partner receives a booth that can be fully customised
  • Premium: the partner receives a seperate room where both booths and billboard can be integrated

Amaze your audience with interactive booths

A virtual booth needs to be designed and structured in a way that the attendees can easily find the desired documentation and engage with the exhibitor.As regards the content part, you can display all sorts of documentation in your personalised booth, such as your website, videos, brochures and a contact button.

To make your booths interactive,we foresee different features to enable engagement between the visitor and exhibitor:

Virtual business card

Exhibitors have the option to include a virtual business button in their booths. This allows attendees to leave their personal information in a GDPR compliant way with the owner of the booth. The exhbitor can export a list of all business cards that have been submitted at any time during the event.

Virtual fair - business card
One-to-one or group call

Exhibitors also have the option to add a group call to their booths. This group call is hosted by the exhibitor and can be joined by the visitors to connect further with that organisation. The exhibitor can open and close this meeting at any time. Do you want to connect on a more personal level with the exhibitor? Then you can always launch a one-to-one call. Thola is integrated with Microsoft Teams to set up these calls. 

Virtual fair - calls

Do you as an event organiser rather want to give your attendees and exhibitors a little push to get to know each other better? Then you can always schedule speed-dates. You can either make a detailed planning of who needs to be put together or we can organise this randomly for you.

Virtual fair - speeddate

Our references

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