Online Team Building Event

An online team building event is the ideal activity to boost motivation and effective collaboration within your team. Organising this team building in a virtual of hybrid way, allows you to gather your teams that have been spread out geographically. By means of activities and gamification your team members are challenged to work closely together and to get to know each other better.

Studies have shown that these team buildings have a positive effect on productivity and the work atmosphere. So are you ready to give your team a good time and gain the benefits of this? Check out our guidelines below to organise an online team building event that will amaze your team!

Start and end with a bang!

The best way to get your online team building started, is to kick-off your event with an entertaining plenary opening session.
Your attendees are dying to know what’s on the agenda and what you have in store for them. You can use this opening session to welcome your attendees, announce the schedule and explain the concept of your team building. Thola supports different options to organise a plenary session:

Online team building - video conferencing
Video conferencing

In case you find it important that your team members can interact by using their camera, microphone and chat, you should opt for a video conferencing meeting. Thola is deeply integrated with Microsoft Teams, but we also support other communication platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet.

Online team building - live stream
Live stream

When you rather have an extended audience, it’s more recommended to organise a live stream. In this setting you will be presenting your session from a studio which will be broadcasted into the Thola platform by means of a video hosting platform such as for example Vimeo or YouTube. Instead of making it a one-way communication, you can still integrate a live chat box to engage with your audience.

The same goes for the closing session. Once all activities are over, it’s time to gather your teams again and to close off the event.
During this session you can present the final results and announce the winners of your challenges.
To make it more interactive and engaging you can end the event with a live performance or dance party.

Level up the fun factor of your activities

The key for a successful online team building activity is engagement and interaction. Our Thola platform allows you to integrate plenty of gamification to keep your teams entertained. You can find some inspiration here:

Online memory game

Take on your opponent for a fun memory game. 

Online contest

Whether you prefer to organise a quiz or rather a picture contest where attendees have to vote on their favorite holiday picture, pleasure is guaranteed!

Virtual photobooth

Nothing nicer than having a lovely memento to take home after this team building. Make sure you provide a fun virtual backdrop to create the funniest pictures.

Virtual guestbook

After having taken your picture with your team mates, you can upload it into the virtual guestbook with a matching text to share your experience about this online team building event.

Online escape room

It’s the ideal activity for your team members to cooperate with each other and to strive for a common goals, namely to make it out in time.

Online team building - memory game
Online team building - photobooth

The power of networking

It’s important to foresee enough opportunities for your team members to get in contact with each other during this online team building event. Connection is essential! Therefore you can count on several Thola networking features:

Online team building - networking
Low-threshold networking options

Attendees can look for people with similar interests by performing a search in the search bar or attendee list. From there your attendees can easily reach out to others by sending chat messages, setting up one-to-one videocalls or scheduling meetings. And last but least, we also offer speed-dates to give this networking a little nudge. In this scenario attendees will receive a pop-up with the request to join a call. These speed-dates can be set up in advance or can be arranged randomly.

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Check out our client stories below to find more ideas! 

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