Hassle-free Online workshop

Are you fed of sending 20 or more invites to 200 different attendees to create something that should be an online workshop but in fact is just a bunch of meetings without really connecting the people?

Thola will save you from the headache of planning this manually into everybody’s agenda.

Why settle for ordinary when you can
– Automate the process of inviting everybody
– Boost engagement between attendees and speakers
– Give power to the people to connect with everybody

Present the concept of your online workshop

Kick-off your event with a plenary session to explain the concept of your workshop to your audience.
During this introduction it’s also important to mention the course of the day and which deadlines need to be respected.
Depending on your preferences, you can choose from three different options to organise this session in Thola:

Online workshop - video conferencing
Video conferencing

You should choose for a live meeting with video conferencing in case you want your attendees to interact with you by means of using their camera and/or microphone. Thola is deeply integrated with MS Teams . However, if you prefer to work with other communication platform such as Zoom or Google Meet, we support that too.

Online workshop - live stream
Live stream

Another option is to present your session from a studio and to live stream this into the Thola platform. In this scenario it’s a one-way communication from the speaker to the users. To increase interaction, you can however integrade a Q&A box.

Online workshop - pre recorded session
Pre-recorded session

Do you rather prefer to record your session beforehand? Than you should opt for pre-recorded content. This takes the stress away from presenting live but keep in mind that this also leaves out the option to interact with your audience.

Give your audience clear instructions

Come prepared

After having explained the overall concept to your users, it’s important that they receive straightforward instructions afterwards. Your attendees need to know what is expected of them. You can already include these instruction in your live session, but we also recommend you to create a seperate PDF or video that can be consulted at all times. Thola allows you to integrate documents like PDFs, PPTs, images, videos and more in each room.

Online workshop - instructions

Make your workshop interactive

Online workshop - interaction
Interaction is key

What defines a workshop is that your attendees will be actively engaging in this event. This interaction is essential for your workshop and can take different formats. For example: you can lead your attendees to seperate break-out sessions to engage in discussions. Another option is to integrate tools that stimulate interaction, such as Slido or Mentimeter. Next to that, Thola provides multiple networking features which allow users to send chat messages,  set up one-to-one calls or schedule meetings with each other. 

Our references

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Find more tips and tricks in our reference cases below! 

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