What type of event do you want
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Do you want to get some inspiration on the types of events you can organise on an online and hybrid event platform? Whether you are organising a small company gathering or a large conference, we can manage any type of event. To give you an idea of the possibilities you find an overview of the most common event types below. 

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Online seminar

Online seminar - Live stream

Do you want to virtually gather your audience to inspire them about a specific topic? And do you want to let your attendees engage in interactive discussions? Maybe even include a networking session in which your participants can exchange ideas and further connect with each other? An online seminar is what you are looking for! Continue reading to find out which Thola features can be used to make your next virtual conference a great success. 

Online workshop

When planning an online workshop, the objective is for your audience to learn something about a specific topic by means of in-dept discussions. What distinguishes an online workshop from an online seminar, is that a workshop is much more interactive as a result of active participation by the attendees. Next to that, a workshop needs to be hands-on by converting theory into practice. 

Online workshop - cultuurconnect buitenbar

Online town hall meeting

Online town hall meeting - header

A town hall meeting refers to a company-wide business meeting in which the management seeks engagements with their employees. The main purpose of this event is to inform the employees by updating them about important topics. To make this a two-way communcation, it’s in important that the audience can engage with the management by means of giving feedback, asking questions or entering in discussions. . Want to know more about what elements contribute to the success of an online town hall meeting? Find out below! 

Online networking event

Are you looking to virtually gather a group of professionals, mostly active within the same industry? And is the main objective to let them engage with each other with the purpose of building valuabe connections? An online networking event is what you need! ! A virtual networking event is all about connection, interaction and engagement. 

Online networking event - header 2

Online product launch

Online product launch - header

Are you bringing a new solution to the market soon? And do you want put it in the spotlight? An online product launch is the perfect occasion for your company, partners and target group to get to know your product. A successful launch can boost your company’s image and can increase your revenue. Want to find out how to set up the ideal online product launch? We are sharing some key advice with you!

Virtual fair

A virtual fair is an online gathering which brings together attendees from different locations to exchange information, ideas and contact details. It’s the ideal occasion for companies to exhibit their products or services by means of virtual booths or billboards. This exhibition creates brand awareness and can boost the selling of your solution. Planning a virtual fair soon? Discover our best practices for organising an interactive virtual fair! 

Virtual fair - header 2

Online team building

Online team building - header 1

An online team building event is the ideal activity to boost motivation and effective collaboration within your team. Organising this team building in a virtual of hybrid way, allows you to gather your teams that have been spread out geographically. By means of activities and gamification your team members are challenged to work closely together and to get to know each other better. So are you ready to give your team a good time? Check out our guidelines to organise a virtual team building event that will amaze your team! 

Online hackathon

An online hackathon is an event where different teams are working on solving certain case studies within a limited amount of time. As its name suggests, this concept has its origins within the field of IT where developers were challenged to hack. However, online hackathons nowadays can be organised for a broader audience such as for example a creative hackathon for designers or marketeers. Whether you want to organize this hackathon online or hybrid, Thola is here for you! Discover our best practices for organising a flawless online hackathon.

Online hackathon header 1

Virtual career fair

Virtual Career Fair - header 2

Are you looking for an original and effective way to recruit new employees? A virtual career fair is what you need! It’s the perfect occassion to put your organisation in the spotlight and to connect with potential employees. By means of interactive booths your audience can easily be informed and reach out to you. Whether you want to promote different departments within your organisation or rather include various companies in your virtual job fair, Thola is here to support you! Discover which features should definitely be included to make your virtual career fair a great success.


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