Online seminar

Do you want to virtually gather your audience to inspire them about a specific topic? And do you want to let your attendees engage in interactive discussions? Maybe even include a networking session in which your participants can exchange ideas and further connect with each other?

An online seminar is what you are looking for! Continue reading to find out which Thola features can be used to make your next virtual conference a great success.

Provide your audience with inspirational content

The key to a successful online seminar is presenting interesting topics to your participants. Whether you want to include just one session, consecutive session or parallel sessions, anything is possible! You can even choose from different formats to present this content to your users:

Online seminar - video conferencing
Video conferencing

Do you find it important that your audience can interact with each other and with the speakers by using their microphone and/or camera? Then you can integrate a live meeting in Thola. By default we work with MS Teams but we also support other communication platform such as Zoom, Google Meet etc.

Online seminar - Live stream
Live stream

In case you want to broadcast your session from a studio, we can include live streams via Vimeo, YouTube,… In this scenario you choose for a view-only audience with limited interaction. You can however include a Q&A chat box and other interaction tooling. We can also take care of your streaming services if desired.

Online seminar - Pre recorded session
Pre-recorded session

Or do you rather want to record your session in advance to have more control over your content, to focus more on storytelling and amaze your audience with your editting skills? Then it’s best to have your session pre-recorded. Via this approach, you can even create a self-pace journey for your participants. 

Next to your session you can also integrate other types of content in your online seminar such as PDFs, PowerPoints, images, videos 
or other revelant documents.

Ensure sufficient interaction and networking

Interaction is key

Let your audience engage with each other or with your speakers. For instance, after your (live) session has ended, you can let your participants enter in break-out sessions to take part in discussions about your presented topic(s). On the other hand Thola also facilitates networking by features which allow users to send chat messages or one-to-one calls to one another.

Online seminar - interaction avatars

Our references

Ready to get inspired by some of our clients that organised an online seminar? 
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