Connecting people in a hybrid world (past event)

Thursday October 7th 2021 from 9.00 AM – 12.00 PM

Hybrid is becoming the new normal. 
Get inspired about the latest trends in the hybrid way of working and organising hybrid events by joining our online event


Do you want to anticipate on the latest digital trends? But at the same time, you are aware of the importance of in-person interaction? Choose for the best of both worlds: connecting people in a hybrid world! 

That’s what you can expect from this event. Inspirational keynote sessions about the future of human connection followed by more food for thought to get started with successfully organising your digital workplace and events.  

Are you also keen on learning more about how live streaming works during an event? Or how a unique design can take your user experience to the next level? Then meet our partners in their showcase room during the closing networking session.

Thola event - Connecting people in a hybrid world


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Keynote speaker Anders Sorman Nilsson

Anders Sörman-Nilsson

Anders Sörman-Nilsson is a global futurist and innovation strategist who helps leaders decode trends, decipher what’s next and turn provocative questions into proactive strategies. He has shared the stage with Hilary Clinton, Nobel Laureates and European and Australian heads of state. And has already been a keynote speaker at TEDx. 

During his session he will share his thoughts and reserach about the 2nd renaissance: the future of human connection in the roaring 20s. Learn more about the intersection of technology and creativity, and how they are ushering in a new era of human flourishing and impactful entrepreneurship.


Wouter Janssens | Thola

Wouter has over 20 years experience in the IT-sector. He is managing partner of Exsertus, a company specialised in tailor-made software. Last year he founded Thola, an easy accessible platform for customised digital and hybrid events. 

Get inspired by Wouter’s session about how to engage your users on the Thola platform by means of gamification, a customised design and low-threshold networking opportunities. Also get a sneek peek into the mobile version that was developed to support hybrid events. 


Benny Van de Velde | The Flow 

Benny is an expert in Microsoft 365. He is the founder of The Flow, an innovative company that helps businesses and employees to a better digital future thanks to the total solution of Microsoft 365. With their many years’ experience they support organisations with their digital transformation by getting people and technology in the right flow and moving them to the next level. 

During his session, Benny will take a deep dive into Microsoft Teams and its functionalities to increase employee engagement. Next to that he will discuss the added value of work place analytics. 

Our partners

Thanks to the contribution of our partners, we are able to organise this event. 
Learn more about their expertise and get to know them during the networking session.

Once is a boutique storytelling agency based in Gent. Their core mission – to create meaningful brand experiences by combining strong concepts and beautiful visual content.

Blue Moon specialises in the technical and audiovisual support of (online) events, fixed installations and custom projects. Their HQ is located centrally in Belgium, which allows them to service customers throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

The Flow is specialised in transforming the digital workplace with Microsoft 365. With their many years’ experience they support organisations with their digital transformation by getting people and technology in the right flow and moving them to the next level.

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