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Welcome to Thola

By default when entering an event you are placed in the central lobby. You will have a name card above your avatar to indicate where you are located amongst the other attendees.

Navigate the event by using the displayed doors. Click any door to enter a room or an auditorium. To get back click the lobby door or the location icon on the menu bar below.

Talk to another attendee

Talk to any other attendee just by hovering over the person’s avatar. A name card will appear above the person from which you can initiate a conversation by clicking “meet now”.

You can check if the person is available for conversation based on the color status next to the name.

green: Available, meet now possible
red: Busy, in a conversation, meet now not possible
gray: Not yet present in the event

Talk to another attendee

After clicking “meet now” a dialog will appear where you can send the person you want to speak to a message prior to the conversation.

Click the “meet now” button to request your meeting. Your respondent will receive a call request accompanied by your message.

Talk to another attendee

A calling dialog will be shown until the respondent accepts your call request. If this should take too long (because your respondent simply does not answer) and no call accepted response is coming in, just close this dialog to continue and get back to the event.

Talk to another attendee

When the respondent accepts your call you are notified by this dialog. As from here, start the call by clicking “join the call”. This action will lead you to MS teams.

Talk to another attendee

By joining the call your browser will open a new tab and requests you to go to MS Teams. Choose how you want to launch MS Teams: Continue in your browser or launch your local Teams application (app – desktop.) For a smooth user experience we suggest to leave your teams environment open during the entire event.

Talk to another attendee

MS teams opens, click Join now to enter the meeting.

You’re in the meeting now. Use your MS Teams features as of here on. Meet, talk, network, …
Leave the call by hanging up the phone Don’t forget to go back to your Thola tab in your browser afterwards!

You can find more information on how to use Teams here by clicking the button below.

Teams Support

Talk to another attendee

After leaving the call and you have returned manually to your the Thola web application tab in your browser close the dialog to get back into the event.

You can also rejoin the call by clicking on the rejoin button.

Find other attendees in the room you're in

Enter a part of the person’s name or company name in the search bar to find another attendee in the room you are currently visiting. After selecting an attendee from the list, a dialog box will popup above the person’s avatar.

Find any other attendee in the event

Click here to display the event’s attendee list. Search the list by entering a part of the name in the search bar. From each listed name card, you can contact the attendee directly by clicking “meet now” or “save the contact” in your personal contact list.

Check a billboard

Billboards can be found anywhere in the event.

Hover over the billboard for more information on the sponsor or partner. A dialog appears from which you can consult the displayed or presented info.

Take the opportunity to talk directly to the sponsor/partner by clicking let’s talk. The call is setup similarly as talking to another attendee.

Visit rooms and booths

Use the doors to enter rooms. A room contains specific content a partner or sponsor wants to share with you. Rooms can host a sponsor booth where you can consult even more info and you also can talk to the booth owners directly. The call is setup similarly as talking to antother attendee.

Visit the auditorium

Enter the auditorium to attend to the event’s speaker sessions, workshops, …

Check the event’s schedule or immediatly join the current session by clicking the main stage’s content.

Change your profile

Click your user account to check or change your profile

Don’t like your default assigned avatar? Select one you like more here.

Update your user profile information by filling in the provided input fields.