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Connect with others

How can I schedule a meeting with another attendee?

By clicking on the person who you want to meet. You can check his availability and invite him between a specified timeframe.

How can I talk to another attendee?

Talk to any other attendee just by hovering over the person’s avatar. A name card will appear above the person from which you can initiate a conversation by clicking “send message” or if you want to videocall “meet now”.

You can check if the person is available for conversation based on the color status next to the name.

green: Available, meet now possible
red: Busy, in a conversation, meet now not possible
gray: Not yet present in the event

How can I find other attendees in the room?

Enter a part of the person’s name or company name in the search bar to find another attendee in the room you are currently visiting. After selecting an attendee from the list, a dialog box will popup above the person’s avatar.

You can also click on the event’s attendee list in the menu bar below. Search the list by entering a part of the name in the search bar. From each listed name card, you can contact the attendee directly by clicking “meet now” or save the contact in your personal contact list by clicking on “save contact”.

How can I start a group chat session?

Click on the icon in the menu bar below to display the event’s chat module. Here you can check your messages, start new conversations, create group chats etc. It is also possible to start a call from within a one on one conversation with another attendee.


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Every week we host a free demonstration for companies. We invite you for a small Thola event so you can experience the platform first-hand. Offcourse we will also take some time to answer your questions about te platform and its functionalities.
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