Explore the different rooms

You can configure your event by using different rooms. These rooms are flexible and can be set up for all kinds of activities.

different rooms

The lobby

Each event always start in the lobby, since this is the central meeting place where attendees will enter the event. From here you can explore the different rooms and you can connect with other participants or exhibitors.

Each room, including the lobby, can be personalised by using your own background, avatars and decoration elements.


The auditorium is a separate room where you can embed different elements to bring content to the users. For example:

  • Live streaming, pre-recorded content or a mix of both to display content

  • A big screen to show multiple sessions consecutively

  • A schedule display to inform attendees about when the sessions will take place

  • A chat function or Q&A to stimulate the interaction between the speakers and attendees

  • A countdown to indicate the beginning of your session or to guide participants to a certain room

  • The integration of documents to share presentations with the users
different rooms

Content rooms: endless possibilities

Whether you are planning a team building event, want to put your partners in the spotlight or want to bring (video)content to your users, Thola offers a wide set of rooms that can be tailored to your needs.

On the one hand we provide you with templates for different room types. On the other hand you can also start from a blank canvas to which you can add various components to create a unique room.

Sponsor room

You can assign separate or shared rooms to your sponsors and partners. You can promote them by adding billboards, booths and content display to these rooms.

sponsor room
product showcase room

Product showcase

Do you want to display your best-selling products or showcase your latest new product to your clients?

We offer a specific room in which you can demonstrate your products or services. Also the avatar positions can be adjusted so that they can be placed around your products in the room.


Are you planning on organising a virtual after work event or do you just want to have a dedicated space to hang out with colleagues, clients or leads? Use our standard bar or create your own!

You can integrate a soundcloud that starts playing automatically once you enter the room or create break-out rooms in Teams to discuss different topics.



If you want to add a fun element to your event, you can choose to include a quiz in your room. All quizzes that can be integrated via an embedded element can be used in Thola. For example: Mentimeter, Microsoft Forms, Google Froms, Typeform, Vizia etc.

Video library

Do you have several videos that you want to display? With Thola you can centralize them in one room. You can integrade these videos with an embedded element or include them in your billboards.

video library
escape room

Escape room

You can also dedicate a separate room for a team buidling activity such as a virtual escape room. This game can be embedded on full screen mode so that you can create an unique experience for your users. 

In case you are interested in the integration of an online game, you can reach out to us since we collaborate with partners specialised in gamification. 


360 degrees video

Another example of an element that can be embedded partially or fully intro the screen is a 360 degrees video. You can use this feature to organise a virtual guided tour for example. You can even integrate documents in this 360 dregrees video.

360 degrees video

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During this interactive demo we will give you a tour of the platform, showcase our features and give you some inspiration on how to use Thola for your hybrid or virtual events. Ofcourse we will also take time to answer any question you might have about the platform and its functionalities.