Explore the different rooms

Every venue consists of different rooms, each with their own specific functionality.

The lobby

The lobby is the central gathering place and starting point of the event. As this is the heart of your event, you can visit other rooms, the aula, check out billboards or chat with other attendees.

Event rooms

From the lobby you can enter the event rooms. In these rooms you can find a booth, billboards and all other information regarding a specific sponsor, partner or topic.

Thola will provide the possibility to videa chat directly with the booth owners and gives you access to all information displayed.

The auditorium

In the auditorium the organizer hosts presentations, workshops, breakout sessions, whatever content that is desired to present… featured by for example a live streamed speaker (using a Microsoft Teams live event) or a pre-recorded video demonstration.

Attendees consult the auditorium’s calender to find out when the sessions take place and join the hosted presentations on an ad hoc basis.

Join our group demo

Every week we host a free demonstration for companies. We invite you for a small Thola event so you can experience the platform first-hand. Offcourse we will also take some time to answer your questions about te platform and its functionalities.
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