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Choose for the best of both worlds! Combine the advantages of a digital and real-life event by creating a hybrid event experience for your attendees.

Hybrid desktop and mobile
Increased reach hybrid events

Increase your attendance rate with a hybrid event

Regardless what event you are organising, there will always be 2 different kinds of attendees. On the one hand, you have the ones that rather join in-person events. On the other hand, you have the people that rather participate from home

Next to that, a hybrid event will also remove any geographical limitations. Taking all this into account, you’re hybrid event experience will result into a higher reach and attendance.


More engagement with your attendees

Instead of treating your hybrid event attendees as two separate audiences, Thola enables you to bring them all together by using the latest technologies.

Think about chat or videocall options, break-out rooms or even live Q&A or polling. Imagine a live session that is being streamed into our platform where the questions from the digital attendees will appear on the presenter’s screen and will be answered live. 

Besides that users will also be able to schedule meetings with each other. This low threshold way of networking will increase the connection between your attendees. 

Even after the hybrid event has ended you can allow your users to log in again to reconnect with others or to review the shared content.

Networking hybrid events
Mobile experience hybrid events

Mobile hybrid event experience

To ensure an even better experience for your users, we’ve created a mobile version that attendees can use to join your hybrid event from their phone.

This allows your attendees to physically walk around at the hybrid event, but at the same time engage with the users that have joined the event online. 

We’ve also included a live location feature in the attendee list that displays in which room the attendee is located remotely or on-site. To enable this on-site we will work with a QR-code that can be scanned in each room.

Recreate your real-life event rooms

As shown on the image above, we’ve kept the same configuration for both the desktop and mobile version so that users will have a similar event experience. 

It’s even possible to create a room background for your digital version based on the real-life event room. By recreating a room or a building, the digital visitors will have the sensation of being present at the real-life event. 

You can ask your own designer to create this design or you can reach out to our Thola team so we will create it for you.

Custom design hybrid events

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