Release notes April 2023

This version is released on 12 April 2023 at 19:30 GMT+2

Changes for event organisers

Optimised registration process

We have extended our registration module which allows event organisers to have more control over the registrations. When choosing to let your attendees register themselves, you now have the option to verify all registrations. When approving or rejecting the registration, the participant will receive an accompanying email to inform the person of their registration status. Upon request, the content of these email templates can be modified. Next to that, the event organisers can now also choose the preferred time of sending out the login details. Read more about it here.


Improved integration with MS Teams

As an event organiser you can now choose what meeting experience you prefer for your event. There are 3 options: 

– Open meetings in Thola

– Open meetings in the MS Teams app
– Let the user decide

Read more about it here.

Create events by using a Wizard

We have simplified the process of creating an event in the dashboard in a significant way. To create an event, from now on you will go through a step-by-step wizard that will help you get the most important configuration ready in no time. This wizard includes several design templates to choose from, so there is no need to create your own room backgrounds anymore. Once the basics are in place, you can always refine them further via the dashboard. Read more about it here.

Improved room templates experience

As mentioned above, we have integrated room templates in our wizard which makes it much easier to configure your events. 

Next to that, we have also improved the experience to create a new room from a room template. Read more about it here.


‘Easy’ versus ‘Advanced’ mode in dashboard

Taking into account that we have different kind of users within our Thola dashboard, we have decided to let the user choose between an ‘easy’ and ‘advanced’ mode. The easy mode hides certain functionalities, whereas the advanced mode included all functionalities and details in the Thola dashboard. Read more about it here.


Room settings button in visual editor

To allow a better user experience, we have replaced the ‘forms editor’ by the ‘room settings’ button. This button can be found in the ‘visual editor’. With this button you can configure: 

–  General room settings: such as the room background or welcome messages
– Access settings: such as capacity, opening hours etc.
– Avatar positions: to configure the avatar position in this room

Read more about it here.


Extended access role

We have added an extra event role, namely the extended access role. This role can be assigned to any attendee, to allow them to enter the event before the open doors period of your event. This functionality can be convenient to grant speakers or partners early access to get familiar with the Thola platform and to check wether everything is in place. Read more about it here.


Bulk delete in media library and avatar configuration

As an event organiser you can now delete images and avatars in bulk, instead of deleting them one by one. Read more about it here.


Improved attendee info card experience

From now on you can change the order of the subtitle lines within the attendee info card.   


Improved announcements

The latest version of our platform allows you to send out the same announcement to different room at the same time. This can be convenient in the scenario where certain announcements are only relevant for people who find themselves in specific rooms. 

Changes for attendees

A more secure registration process

After self-registration on Thola, the attendee will receive an email with the request to confirm their email adress to complete their registration. This confirmation ensures a validation so that attendees are not registered unintentionally.


Improved integration with MS Teams

When launching a meeting within Thola, it is now possible to share your screen. 

Next to that, we have also made some general improvements to the meeting experience within Thola which increases the user experience such as refining the button bar, adding name labels with mute status, indication of which attendee is speaking by highlighting with a frame, allowing attendees to switch their camera and microphone etc. 


In addition we added a lot of extra small changes and fixed some small issues

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