Release notes April 2021

This version is released on 16 March 2021 at 14:00 GMT+2

Changes for attendees

Save your scheduled meeting in your personal agenda

Go to you calendar in your event and hover over your meeting to download and .ics file and open that file to add your meeting in your personal agenda

Added ICS file in the invite email

An ICS file will be added to the invitation email to enable users to save the event in their personal agenda

Account settings in profile page

Added a panel to update account settings from the platform. 
– Manage password
– Manage email
– Manage social logins

Sent files in the chat

Attendees can now send files in the chat. 
All files will be checked on size and filetype. 

Changes for event organisers


A live report of your current activity is available from the dashboard. 

A couple of live metrics are available

  • Number of registered and online attendees
  • Online attendees per room
  • Meeting requests
  • Attended meetings per slug
  • Dropped business cards
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Total chat threads and messages

Schedule meetings on behalf of attendees. 

As event organizer you will be able to schedule meetings between two attendees. These attendees will receive a notification in Thola that a meeting is planned. 

We added the ability to create a test event that can be used as a sandbox environment to test all our features without impacting live events. 

With this test event you can do these actions without any extra cost:

  • A test event will have an extra “test” badge in the dashboard
  • Every organization can have only 1 test event
  • keep changing dates and it can last longer then 7 days.
  • In a Test event you can add up to 15 attendees without any cost of tickets

Restrict room access based on one or more roles

Now you can lock a room to only allow people with a certain role. This can be used to have a speaker room, sponsors room, backstage area or only allow VIP’s to certain content of you event. 

Update profile of an attendee from the dashboard

Profile picture and avatar were already possible to change from the dashboard but we added the rest of the profile fields as well. 
Only social media records are not changeable. 

Extended bulk invite to assign roles to users

Added an extra column in the bulk upload Excel file to assign roles to users during invite. 

Changed from mail provider to sent emails to attendees and event organisers

 We changed from Mailchimp to Mailjet to move to a service that is using a European datacenter to have an even better GDPR rating

In addition we added a lot of extra small changes and fixed some small issues

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