Release notes December 2021

This version is released on 22 December 2021 at 21:11 GMT+2

Changes for attendees

Integration of login url into calendar invitation

The invitation email that is sent by, contains an .ics file. This file allows users to save the event into their calendar programs (for example: Outlook). We’ve upgraded the calendar invitation by including the login url. This means that from now on the users can immediately find their login url in the calendar invitation. 

Improved visualisation of scheduled meetings

We’ve added a zoom in and out functionality to the scheduled meeting component. This allows you to see clearly with who and at what time you have meeting in case you have multiple scheduled meetings or speed-dates that occur in rapid succession. 

Changes for event organisers

Support button in the menu bar   

To make your support services during the event more visible, you can now add a support button to the menu bar. This button will lead to a separate support room. Important: the slug of this room needs to be ‘support’. Read more about it here

Download the content of your chat thread

A chat thread is a white page on which your attendees can leave messages. These messages will be visible for everyone in the room. As an event manager you can delete these messages at any time. From now on you can also download the chat history. 

Improved lay-out for embedded content in a big screen session

We’ve improved the visualisation of embedded content that will be displayed in a big screen session. We have used the same lay-out as for a regular session. This means that before the embedded content will appear, you will see the title, timing and preview image.

In addition we added a lot of extra small changes and fixed some small issues

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