Release notes January 2021

This version is released on 19 January 2021 at 17:00 GMT+1

Changes for event organisers

We created a better way to navigate to the event you want to edit. This enables you to easier select the event you would like to edit and it fixes the problem of accidentally editing the wrong event.

Better layout for the event details with more explanation about the options

Improved layout for room details page.
Better icons in the list.

Only show elements that are used and add new elements with a new button to choose the type of element

First version of the new visual editor to design a room in an easier way. Not all options are yet available but repositioning, resizing and changing options is yet available.

Change the background and text color of a nameplate above a door. We added a color picker that also allows transparency to be applied

The email address of a user can be changed. This can be useful in case of a typo. The user will receive a new invite on the new email address.

Improved layout for room details page.
Better icons in the list.

An extra option added on the bottom of the user page to (re)-send an invite to an attendee.

On the user list you now can add one attendee or an admin user with a form.

Adding users in bulk is reworked. Now the option is available from the user list and will be processed in the background. The user who uploads an Excel file will receive an email when the import is ready but you can also monitor progress by clicking Upload History.

Added a list view in the media editor and selector.

New Selector for General, organisation and Event

Added a Search to faster find the image you need

We added the option to send an announcement to all attendees that at the moment of sending are in one specific room. When no room is selected the announcement will still be sent to everyone.

Added role suggestions when adding roles to an avatar. This option is to limit who can choose the avatar.

In the tools window you can request a report of the event with detailed information on who attended (or not) and we also serve some statistics about the usage of the platform by the attendees (meetings, # users in a room, # business cards dropped, …)

This report can be requested after the event.

We added the possibility to couple your own Microsoft Office 365 tenant to your organization. With this option it is possible to run all automatically generated meetings in your own Teams tenant.

Contact Thola support when your organization would like to enable this.

Added Apple Safari as a supported browser. The Microsoft Teams Web application is available on Apple Safari so we now can be fully functional in this browser.

In addition we added a lot of extra small changes and fixed some small issues

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