Release notes January 2022

This version is released on 28 January 2022 at 20:10 GMT+2

Changes for event organisers

Automate scheduled meetings

In our last release we extended our scheduled meetings component to allow event managers to set up speed-dates between the attendees. These speed-dates needed to be set up in advance by filling an Excel template. However, from now on you can also decide to automate these scheduled meetings. This means that during your live event you can automatically assign attendees to different meetings. 

You can now choose to include all your registered attendees, or only the ones that are online at that moment. This last option is recommended if you want to avoid no-shows in your speed-dates. Next to that, you can also decide if you want to assign them based on the group size of on the number of groups that need to be created. Read more about it here

Chronological visualisation of announcements in the dashboard

The announcements in the dashboard will now be displayed in chronological order starting with the first announcement of event to the last announcement. 

Room chat improvements

When chat is disabled for attendees your attendees cannot sent chat messages to each other and therefore room chats were also disabled. From now on the room chats are disconnected from the general chat and can be used as a separate component. 

As event organizer you now have the option to allow emoji’s in the chat thread component via the visual editor. 

In addition we added a lot of extra small changes and fixed some small issues

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