Release notes October 2021

This version is released on 6 October 2021 at 18:37 GMT+2

Changes for attendees

Indication of where a scheduled meeting will take place

When scheduling a meeting with another attendee, you can now indicate whether this meeting will take place remotely or live at the event. In case it’s live at the event, you can indicate where you want to meet up. 


Changes for event organisers

Extended analytics regarding attendees that have been online

In the previous version of our platform you could only see how many of your registered attendees were online and offline at that particular time. From now on you can also see how many of your registered attendees actually participated in in the event. You can find these numbers in the dashboard analytics. 


Copy and paste bulk avatar positions

Once you are done configuring the bulk avatar positions for one room and you would like to copy them into another room, you can now do so via the ‘edit bulk avatar positions’ in the visual editor. Once you have copied them, you can easily paste the avatar positions into the other rooms. 

Button of type “Attendee info panel” now supports multiple users

For support reasons you might configure an attendee info panel button. Since this new release you can now add more than one user whose info card will appear when clicking on that button. 

Configuration of different profile fields for different kind of users

Depending on what kind of event you are organising, you might have different kind of users. For example: employees and students. You can now add different profile fields for your users. For example: for employees you want to add ‘jobtitle’ and ‘company’, whereas for the students you want to add ‘study’ and ‘school’. 

We enable this feature by means of hidden profile fields and conditional formatting. Read more about it here.

In addition we added a lot of extra small changes and fixed some small issues

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