Release notes September 2021

This version is released on 23 September 2021 at 22:45 GMT+2

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Mobile version released

Mobile event experience

To ensure an even better experience for your users, we’ve created a mobile version that attendees can use to join your event from their phone.

This allows your attendees to physically walk around at the event, but at the same time engage with the users that have joined the event online.

We’ve also included a live location feature in the attendee list that displays in which room the attendee is located remotely or on-site.


Changes for attendees

Extended notification settings to receive notifications when offline 

By clicking on notification settings you can now get an email for 
the events that you can see on the right, when you are offline. 

These notifications work with an opt-in principle. You need to login to an event and on your profile page you can activate what you want to be notified for.  

Extended chat attachments

We extended the allowed file types to attach a PowerPoint to a chat message. This is the list of allowed filetypes: Images (png, jpg & gif), Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.
From now on attendees can send attachments up to 10MB in stead of 3MB

Support for Hybrid events 

Identify whether you as an attendee are attending the event “Remote” or “Live @ event”. The icon identifying this, will be shown at your attendee info card so other people will immediately see where you are. 
In the next release we will extend the “schedule a meeting” functionality to identify whether the meeting will be hosted remote or at the event. 

Changes for event organisers

Create new organisation owners

From the organisation settings module go the list of users of your organisation and here you can click on the button “Add organisation owner”. Provide his/her name and email address and they will receive an invitation email to set the password/authentication options to start using our dashboard.

New button type added to enlarge an image

When designing a room you now can show an image in full screen by clicking on a button. The button can still be an icon with text or a smaller image.  To activate this feature, please select ‘image lightbox’ under ‘window type’. 


Hide styling of a big screen

For the big screen we added an option to hide the styling of the big screen component itself so only the session styling will be used. 

Change order or profile fields

Previously the order was the order of creation of the fields. From now on you are able to switch the order by using the up and down arrows. This order will be used in the registration page and the attendee profile panel. 

Upload pdf in Media library 

We added pdf to the allowed filetypes for files in the media library. From now on you can use pdf’s in your event configuration. For example behind a button to open in a dialog or in an embedded form. 

In addition we added a lot of extra small changes and fixed some small issues

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