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UNIZO Digital Boost Day

UNIZO Digital Boost Day
  • Digital Congress
  • 16 inspiring sessions
  • 74% attendee rate
  • 1100 attendees
  • 722 watched recordings afterwards

UNIZO asked us to organize an event that would inspire digital entrepreneurship among students.

Once again, UNIZO approached Thola, seeking to reach students, and collaborating with UCLL. The goal was to organize an event that would inspire digital entrepreneurship among students, involving the assistance of event management students in the organization. The event aimed to inspire all students, irrespective of their specific field of study, called Digital Boost Day.

Why Thola?

The key reasons UNIZO chose Thola were the reproducibility of events, cost-efficiency, and the ability to adopt a significant portion of the previous event concept within a smaller budget.

The Thola Way

Thola swiftly and cost-effectively adapted the platform to meet the unique needs of the Digital Boost Day. The focus was on the event concept rather than extensive configuration, building on the success of the sustainable design utilized in previous events. So, Thola presented a tailored solution for organizing both internal and external webinars. The platform offered a versatile approach, allowing for seamlessly adapting event structures to different requirements.

How Boosting was the Digital Boost Day?

The goal of the Digital Boost Dayn was to inform the students, and we can say that we succeeded in this!

  • The event witnessed the participation of 450 out of 610 registered attendees, achieving a remarkable 74% attendance rate.
  • Over the 16 sessions on the day itself we had a total of 1100 attendees combined
  • In the week after a total 722 recordings were watched.

To Thola or not to Thola?

That’s the question! 😉

Efficiency: Thola’s ability to swiftly adapt the platform and event concept resulted in a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Reproducibility: The event demonstrated the reproducibility of Thola’s platform, allowing for the seamless replication of successful event structures.

Inspiration: Digital Boost Day served as a source of inspiration and information, emphasizing the potential for entrepreneurship among students.

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