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Career launch Brussels University

Career launch Brussels University
  • 1 conference day
  • 250 attendees
  • 11 Rooms
  • + 300 meetings

More than 300 meetings

With this event we want to build a bridge between our courses and the professional field, and we want to offer our students the opportunity to get to know the various players in the labor market. This is an excellent opportunity for companies to come into contact with young talent who will work in the technical and IT sector.

While looking at some platforms to host our annual job fair for the students at the Erasmus University College Brussels, we immediately decided going for the Thola-platform after a comprehensive demo of the platform by Nathan and Wouter. The pricing system with Thola is very clear, you can easily customize your events and they are very responsive to feedback. Very happy with all the customizing options that are built in. We would really recommend Thola for your virtual event.​

Community- & Eventmanager at Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel​


As a company, you had your own stand on the virtual exhibition floor, depending on the chosen exhibition formula.

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Every week we host a free demonstration for companies. We invite you for a small Thola event so you can experience the platform first-hand. Offcourse we will also take some time to answer your questions about te platform and its functionalities.
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