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Content and rooms

Can I integrate embedded content or a live streaming?

Yes, you can integrate both. We support several external communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams meetings, Microsoft Teams Live event, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

For a real embedded content experience we can integrate almost any streaming platform like YouTube, Vimeo, Microsoft Streams and others.

Embedded content

Can I organise multiple parallel sessions?

You can organise multiple parallel sessions by using our concept of rooms and by creating separate rooms for each parallel session track.

Attendees can easily switch from one room to another to participate in multiple sessions.

parallel sessions

Can I integrate a schedule?

Our platform offers automated schedules per room. You can also create your own schedule by uploading an image or adding a free text field.


Can I include partners or sponsors in my event?

Yes, you can promote your sponsors or partners by using billboards or booths. You can even give them a separate room.

We are happy to brainstorn with you about how to work out a sponsor package.

partners or sponsors

Can I embed documents in the platform?

Embedding documents in the platform is possible.

Besides images (PNG, JPEG and GIF files) you can now also upload PDF documents to our media library.

Next to that you can also embed other documents like PowerPoint, Word etc. as long as they are hosted on a public site, such as your website for example.


What kind of rooms can I integrate?

Whether you are planning a fair, a team building event or a conference, we offer a wide range of rooms.
Discover all the different rooms here.


Book a private demo

Are you interested in getting to know Thola? Register here for a free one-to-one demonstration.

During this interactive demo we will give you a tour of the platform, showcase our features and give you some inspiration on how to use Thola for your hybrid or virtual events. Ofcourse we will also take time to answer any question you might have about the platform and its functionalities.