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International teambuilding event with attendees from more than 12 different countries

International teambuilding event with attendees from more than 12 different countries
  • 1 day conference
  • 7 different timezones
  • 229 attendees
  • 2295 chat messages
  • 15 team building activities

An international teambuilding with a custom-made design and gamification

For the roll-out of a new project, an international team was assembled. What better way to celebrate achieved milestones and to boost team spirit by organising an international teambuilding event with heaps of fun activities. The goal of the event was to inform the attendees about the progress of the project in a low-threshold way and to let the users become acquainted with each other by means of networking activities

Together with Thola we’ve created an awesome team building event which was the very first one in this kind of format. It was great to experience a new way of collaboration and networking. Furthermore, Thola and Once Storytelling exceeded our expectations regarding our unique design wishes. We loved all the details.

Event Organiser

International teambuilding event - supervisors

Custom-made design

Instead of using our standard backgrounds, our customer went the extra mile by having a unique design created by Once Storytelling.

The full design of the event, including the avatars was in the theme of a summer camp. From the typical yellow bus to a wooden campfire, a wooden camp hut, a bbq area with a mountain view, a jetty on the lake, an outdoor cinema with cosy lights and much more. Even the supervisors for the support were wearing a t-shirt with ‘camp supervisor’ on it. It’s all about the details!


The attendees were constantly stimulated to actively participate in this international teambuilding event by means of gamification. This kind of engagement has an enormous impact on networking since reaching out to somebody becomes easy. You can find some examples here:

  • A virtual photobooth in which you can have your team picture taken with a funny background
  • A virtual guestbook to which you can leave a message and picture
  • A picture contest where all attendees could vote for their favorite holiday pictures
  • A wall of fame to show the latest achievements of the teams
International teambuilding event- bbq
International teambuilding event - cinema

Display of content in an original way

During the international teambuilding event there was a good mix of live streaming and pre-recorded content. The live meetings took place in the camp meeting, with the design of a cosy campfire in front of a big screen. For the end session there was even a real-life performance with an acoustic guitar.

The pre-recorded content could be watched in the cinema room where you could choose between 4 different topics visualised by film posters. When clicking on these posters, the users were redirected to a new room where they could access the related videos to this topic.

Next to that, there was some more hidden content that could be accessed by clicking on certain elements. For example, if you clicked on the windows of the bus in the lobby, a pre-recorded voice-over powerpoint would appear.

Discover more features here.

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