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Interactive Online Learning: a 6-week self-paced success story

Interactive Online Learning: a 6-week self-paced success story
  • 6-week event
  • 3 case studies
  • 10 rooms
  • 950 attendees
  • 3618 chat messages

How to empower growth: upskilling employees during a 6-week active online learning journey in a branded design

We are thrilled to share the success story of an immersive online learning journey organized for the leadership of one of our valued Australian customers. Held within the framework of their new project rollout, this engaging 6-week online learning journey marked the second deployment of our Thola platform. The primary learning objective was to prepare the leadership for upcoming changes across different business departments, enhancing collaboration and readiness to address potential challenges. Through our dynamic Thola platform, leaders actively interacted with content, collaborated with peers, and gained a comprehensive understanding of the project’s impact. Discover below what elements contributed to the success of this online learning journey.

This was the second time we have used Thola. The digital platform enabled a successful 6-week event where business users across all departments in Australia complete required upskilling activities in a self-pace interactive environment. The collaboration and support from Thola was excellent especially the weekly reporting and customisation within our allocated budget. We look forward to working with Thola again in the future.

Specialist – IT Change Management Team

Online Learning Event - 6 weeks

6-week learning journey

This online learning experience was spread over a total duration of 6 weeks during which the participants had to absorb and process the content at their own pace. To keep the trainees sufficiently engaged during this period, new content was released on a weekly basis. This ensured that they were repeatedly drawn to the platform to view and interact with the learning materials. 

To manage this self-paced online learning journey, participants could consult a detailed agenda that clearly indicated their learning objectives and what content would be released when. In addition, a checklist was available that allowed them to check off when they had completed a section. Offering a multi-week online learning track to your target group, results in more flexibility, deeper learning and continuous engagement providing a more effective and enriching learning experience compared to one-day events

Interactive learning method

Another element that added to the effectiveness of this online learning initiative was the deliberate choice of an interactive learning method. This method consisted of releasing new learning materials weekly, including instructional videos and supporting documentation via PDF’s. After viewing this material, participants were encouraged to interact with this content and with other participants

On the one hand, this was facilitated through a public chat box in which participants could write comments relating to a specific question or statement about the content in question. On the other hand, the participants had to complete a case study to immediately apply the acquired knowledge into practice. The advantage of an interactive learning method is that it stimulates active engagement, critical thinking, and better knowledge retention by encouraging your audience to actively participate and interact with the learning material.

Online Learning Event - Interactive Learning Method V2
Online Learning Event - Design

Branded design

Want to add that extra bit of excitement to your online learning journey? Then choose a custom design tailored to your own corporate identity. For this Australian online learning event, we also decided to go with a personalized design created by Once. For this, we re-used the design from their first event they hosted on the Thola platform. Much of the design was recycled and new rooms were recreated in the same look and feel. This sustainable way of working not only reduced the design cost but also ensured a certain consistency which makes the learning process much more enjoyable for the user. 

The designs of the rooms incorporated the company’s brand and style guide. On the client request, we included the exact same avatars that were already widely known and used within the company. All this together resulted into a recognizable environment for the end users. In short, the added value of implementing a custom design is that it enhances the visual appeal and professionalism of the learning materials which results into a more cohesive and immersive online learning experience for your participants.

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