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Digital Exhibitors’ event for 200 partners

Digital Exhibitors’ event for 200 partners
  • 1 day conference
  • 198 attendees
  • 4 rooms
  • 229 chat messages
  • 14 pre-recorded videos

A digital briefing for exhibitors

Every two years, at the beginning of September the Matexpo fair takes place. In the run-up to this event, a digital exhibitors’ event was organised. The goal of this virtual gathering was to prepare the exhibitors for the physical fair by providing them with detailed information and practical tips and tricks.

We received very positive comments from our exhibitors about the platform. The platform was very user-friendly. We were able to style the digital exhibitors' event in our own corporate design. Also the contact with the Thola team and the support went very smoothly. With almost 200 participants, our digital exhibitors' event was a successful event!

Marketing & Staff employee of The Fair Experts

digital exhibitors' event - auditorium
digital exhibitors' event - video library

The advantages of pre-recorded content

The event organisers chose to inform the exhibitors via short pre-recorded videos. First the attendees could enjoy a welcome video in the lobby, after which they could enter 4 different video library rooms to prepare them for the fair. Working with pre-recorded content is beneficial because:

  • Everything can be recorded and set up in advantage which ensures a smooth and safe course of the event.

  • It brings more flexibility to the users given that they can choose themselves what they want to see and at what time. They can even pause the content if needed.

  • The content stays available and can be rewatched an unlimited amount of times for as long as the event doors are open.

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