The Future of Retail: Embracing Online Retail Events to Improve Stakeholder Engagement

Digitalization is everywhere. Including in the retail industry where the use of technology plays an indispensable role in effective stakeholder engagement and communication. Online retail events have become a powerful tool to support retailers to inform and connect with their stakeholders in a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable way.

Hosting a virtual event allows you to reach various stakeholders who are geographically dispersed, including employees, suppliers, partners and investors. On top of that it enables companies to share their future plans, receive feedback as well as strengthen stakeholder relationships. Whether you are organising an online conference, an interactive webinar or a virtual fair, they all ensure real-time interaction which boosts stakeholder engagement. We’re here to help you organize engaging and impactful online retail events to stay ahead in a fast-paced digital business environment.

Improve stakeholder engagement with online retail events

How to communicate change

Bringing all your stakeholders together in an online retail event where they are informed about what is coming is one of the most efficient ways to communicate about change. Keeping both your internal and external stakeholders up to date about on-going changes or new roll-outs demonstrates that your company is transparant and open about its latest operations. This results in building trust and credibility with stakeholders, who are more likely to support the company in the future. Next to that, informing also helps to manage expectations and to prepare properly for what’s coming.

How to connect with your stakeholders

As a company operating in the retail sector, it is highly likely that your employees are spread across different branches in diverse locations. In times of change, it is recommended to pay proper attention to connecting colleagues who are going through the same changes. This sense of belonging often creates greater support and understanding. The same applies to your suppliers as well. Getting them to engage with responsible managers or points of contact can strengthen the partnership. A virtual event increases stakeholder engagement by allowing them to interact with the company and each other in an intuitive and approachable way.

How to entertain your stakeholders

Changes in your retail business often require a lot of focus and energy from all your stakeholders. To make this matter a little more accessible and easier to digest, you can also choose to not only inform but also entertain your stakeholders during an online retail event. You can do this by adding some fun elements to your online event. Think for example of a virtual photo booth, a quiz or a contest. By combining the useful with the pleasant, you ensure that your stakeholders absorb the right information in a fun way.

Benefits of hosting online events

Organising your event virtually, brings along many advantages. We’ve highlighted a few below:

Attendee - connect with others

Access to a wider target group

Hosting an online retail event removes all geographical restrictions. Thola allows you to reach stakeholders from all over the world.

Event organiser - registration and login

More stakeholder engagement and excitement

our platform offers many features that stimulate interaction with both the content and the participants itself such as Q&A sessions, polls, low-threshold networking options etc.

Event organiser - pricing

Cost reduction

Hosting an online retail event removes all geographical restrictions. Thola allows you to reach stakeholders from all over the world.

Attendee - profile

Better data insights

Thola’s detailed event report gives you valuabe insights about your event performance and attendee behavior which allows you to make the right conclusions.

How Thola can improve your stakeholder engagement

Thola is a one-of-a-kind event platform that helps you organise outstanding online event experiences for your retail company. Our goal is to empower retailers to create engaging, interactive and impactful online events that boost stakeholder engagement. Our Digital Event Advisors are there for you to guide you through the entire proces, from conception to execution.

Why choose Thola for your virtual retail event

Trustworthy expertise

Thola has helped many companies in the retail industry to host impactful and successful virtual events. Our many years of experience ensures that we can provide our customers with personalized guidance by offering tailored advice.  For this you can rely on a dedicated Digital Event Advisor to guide you every step of the way.


We understand that every business and event is unique, so we offer you a tailor-made solution that fits the purpose of your event. Also the design of your event can be fully customized in your own branding style. Whether you prefer a corporate branding or a more out-of-the-box theme, anything is possible! 

Secured privacy

At Thola, we consider your privacy to be of primary importance. Therefore, we ensure that all data your event generates is processed in a GPDR secure and compliant manner. We also offer the option to host private meetings on Thola in your own MS Teams tenant. A customised DPA can be negotiated in custom term and conditions. 

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What other retailers say about Thola

We have helped various clients to achieve better results in stakeholder engagement and communication by means of organising an online retail events on Thola. From a Virtual Conference for all business partners to an Online Product Launch, we’ve done it all!

Organizing our Launch Event in Thola was a great experience. Thanks to the help from Roberta, our internal Thola expert and the great support from Sofie, our Digital Event Advisor from Thola, we became quickly familiar with all the features of this user-friendly tool. Thola made our event more professional and interactive. We will definitely continue this way.

Michaela - Online Retail Event - Testimonial

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