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Virtual Conference to inspire over 3100 Business Partners

Virtual Conference to inspire over  3100 Business Partners
  • 1 day event
  • 5 keynote sessions
  • 6 rooms
  • 992 chat messages
  • 3101 registered attendees

An inspiring Virtual Conference with engaging content and a unique design

All Business Partners, that are geographically located across the United Kingdom, were virtually united to attend the “Evolving Together Business Partner Virtual Conference”. The goal of this Online Conference was to provide the invitees with a commercial and transformation project update by means of inspirational key topic sessions, easy consultable documentation and dedicated live support.

We partnered with Thola to create and design a unique platform for our first Business Partner online event. It was great collaboration and we were able to use Thola’s expertise to build the right experience and to replicate a conference style. This allowed us to reach more Business Partners than the traditional format - and enabled us to land our key messages in an impactful and engaging manner. A key call out was the exceptional support from the Thola team who went above and beyond to help us deliver our first successful online conference.

Business Partner Support Team Leader

Virtual conference - livestream

High-quality livestream

The first part of the virtual conference consisted of several keynote sessions that visitors could watch in the Auditorium via a livestream. This high-quality livestream was delivered by our audiovisual partner Potvos. These sessions were pre-recorded in the studio by various speakers but were broadcast live on the day of the event itself. The advantage here is that you have full control over the content and can adjust until you have envisioned the desired end result. By livestreaming these sessions, end users get the idea that this is actually live.

On the right side of the screen, there was a Q&A box that led to a form to submit questions related to the content. Once the live stream was over, it was replaced by the recording. For ease of use, pauses were omitted and chapters were added so that each user could easily find the right keynote session.

Easy retrievable documentation with live support

Besides the live stream in the Auditorium, business partners could also navigate to the gallery rooms. In these rooms, additional content could be consulted. This documentation was easily accessible via PDF documents or short instruction videos that were displayed in a pop-up window. Again, there was a strong focus on usability and intuitiveness. In fact, we made sure that all gallery rooms consisted of the same room structure. Each gallery featured a different accent colour so that users could easily distinguish between them.

To ensure good customer service, a dedicated Business Parter Support Team was present during the virtual conference. More specifically, if users had a question, they could ask it live by clicking on the Business Partner Support avatars and sending them a chat message. In addition, the platform remained accessible to all registrants up to 1 week. This ensured that all registered attendees could return to the Virtual Conference platform at a later time to re-watch the recording and documentation.

Virtual conference - documentation
Virtual conference - custom design

Integrated brand identity

To take this Virtual Conference to the next level, the room designs were completely personalised by our graphic partner Once Storytelling. To start, the lobby was a reconstruction of the actual reception you find in our client’s UK headquarters. Every little detail was taken into account to make it as resembling as possible. From the colour of the ceiling to a painting on the wall. Next to that, our client’s corporate brand identity was incorporated throughout the virtual event.

Even the avatars were customised to the style of the event. The Business Partners could choose from a highly diversified set of avatars who were dressed up in a good mix of business formal and business casual. To make the Business Partner Support Team stand out, they were assigned their fully personalised avatars. All this together resulted in a very unique and recognisable design for all attendees to enjoy.

Dedicated Thola Event Manager

To properly manage this virtual conference, a dedicated Digital Event Manager from Thola was involved. This person provided clear planning, gave advice and monitored all deadlines so that everything could be delivered on time. Together with the Business Partner Support Team, our Thola Event Manager coordinated all the above-mentioned aspects with the common goal of organising a successful Online Conference. As cherry on the cake this person was approachable during the event via a personalised avatar at the helpdesk to answer any questions related to the platform.

Virtual conference - Thola event manager

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