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Virtual is the new reality. Whether you are planning a networking event, learning experience, a product launch or any other event, with Thola you will take your virtual events to the next level.

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How does a virtual event work?


More flexiblity for you and your attendees

Hosting a virtual event can resolve capacity limitations at event venues, but also removes geographical restrictions. Now people from all over the world can easily join your virtual event in a time, budget and environment friendly way. 

Besides that, everything can be set up and tested in advance so that you start your virtual event with peace of mind. We also offer flexibility in the event timings given that your virtual event experience can be open for a period of 7 days. This allows your attendees to review the provided content even after the event has ended. 

And last but not least, with a yearly license you are free to set up an unlimited amount of events.


A virtual event experience for eveyone

Low threshold networking opportunities

At real-life events it can be challenging to find the persons that you’d like to connect with. And even if you could, you might not always have the courage to walk up to them and start a face-to-face conversation.

One of our most valued features of our types of virtual event experiences are our networking options because they are easy accessible. For instance, we’ve integrated an attendee list which allows attendees to search on job title, organisation or any other information that was provided during the registration. 

You can even add attendees to your favorites so that you can easily get in contact with them. Attendees can get in touch with each other by sending chat messages, setting up a one-to-one videocalls or scheduling meetings.

Networking virtual events
Custom design virtual events

3D experience with a custom design

While your competitors are organising yet another webinar, you can impress your attendees with a highly interactive platform that has a 3D look and feel. 

First of all we create a real-life event experience by visualising each person with his/her own avatar. We offer a standard set of avatars, but you can also customize your own. 

Not only the avatars, but also your rooms can be fully customised. You can use your own brand identity to style your room or you can even recreate a specific environment which will feel familiar to your users to create te best experience.

Gain more data insights

Being fully compliant with the GDPR legislation, our platform can provide you with lots of interesting statistics about your virtual event. 

We’ve integrated an analytics module in our dashboard where you can consult live statistics. Here you can find out how many people have logged in to your virtual event and in which rooms they find themselves. 

You also have live insights in the networking activity. For example, how many one-to-one calls or conversations took place, chat activity, … When your virtual event has ended, you can request a detailed Excel report in which you can find more raw data such as an overview of your shows and no-shows.


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