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50th anniversary of government department

50th anniversary of government department
  • 1 day conference
  • 775 attendees
  • 9 rooms
  • 30 meetings

A virtual celebration with 775 attendees

On the 1st of April 2021 Regie der Gebouwen celebrated their 50th anniversary. It was the perfect occasion to thank their employees and clients since they are the engine behind the organisation.

The attendees could enjoy gamification, pre-recorded content, live streaming and teambuilding activities spread out over 9 different rooms.

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the Belgian Buildings Agency we used the Thola platform, since a live event where everyone could come together was not possible during the Covid-19 pandemic. The no nonsense approach of the people behind Thola and the intuitive user experience of the platform are both beneficial for organizers and participants of a Thola-event. The feedback we received from our employees after the event was very positive. Thanks to this virtual event, we managed to boost the cohesion in our organization, even during these difficult times.

Head of communication

Auditorium regie der gebouwen
history room regie der gebouwen

A unique combination to organize an interactive event

There are multiple ways to engage, entertain and connect with your attendees during an event. Regie der Gebouwen chose to include the following elements:

  • Gamification: an open source flip card memory game was integrated in the event. 

  • Talent room: multiple pre-recorded videos embedded in a separate room to demonstrate the talents of employees.

  • Teambuilding: a live music quiz in which the attendees could enter the answers in an embedded MS Forms sheet which was processed simultaneously to award prices.

  • History room: multiple PDFs and pre-recorded content were accessible.

  • Bilingual support: both Dutch and French speaking attendees were present. Not only the content, but also the support desk was available in both languages.

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