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Online inspiration day about digitalisation

Online inspiration day about digitalisation
  • 1 day event
  • 5 live Q&A sessions
  • 20 rooms
  • 2139 attendees
  • 3036 chat messages

Entertaining program with live sessions and high audience interaction

As part of their digitalisation journey, FOD Justitie/SPF Justice recently hosted an online inspiration day for its employees. The objective of this event was to efficiently inform and inspire as many Justice employees as possible about the numerous digitalisation projects. There was also a strong focus on interaction with the target audience. In fact, participants could submit their questions regarding these new initiatives throughout the event, which were later answered live during the Q&A sessions. It was a conscious decision to opt for an online inspiration day because the participants are located all over Belgium. Another advantage was that participants could revisit all sessions up to seven days after the event.

To reach as many people as possible, we could rely on Thola's digital platform. A simple and accessible platform that allowed us to bring the whole Justice department along in the Digital Transformation.

David Ghyselbrecht – Advisor IT at Cabinet Minister of Justice

Online inspiration day - Live sessies

A well thought-out event schedule with inspiring live sessions

The common thread throughout this online inspiration day, were several live sessions to inspire the participants. The initiators of the event, Restless Minds, carefully put together an interesting program that featured several speakers on various topics in different formats. For example: Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne giving a speech, panel discussions where one specific theme was discussed in detail by several speakers, Q&A sessions and inspiration sessions. To ensure a smooth transition between these sessions, a moderator was appointed. All these sessions were hosted in the studios of MoJuice and were livestreamed into the Thola platform.

Highly engaged audience

Another success factor was the high level of involvement and interaction with the audience during this online inspiration day. This was stimulated, on the one hand, by allowing participants to submit questions, comments or concerns via a low-threshold form throughout the event. 

Furthermore, in the afternoon, participants could choose between five parallel live Q&A sessions during which the submitted questions were answered. Participants could even submit additional questions during these live sessions, which ensured increased interaction. In addition to the live sessions, participants were also invited to test their knowledge by means of a quiz. Finally, our statistics show that there was also a lot of interaction between the participants themselves through chat messages.

Online inspiration day - Audience engagement
Online inspiration day - Design

Personalised environment tailored to the Justice department

As a final highlight, we would like to focus on the fully personalised environment which was tailor-made for FOD Justitie/SPF Justice. For starters, the bilingualism of the Justice employees was taken into account. More specifically, this meant that a separate online environment was designed for the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking colleagues so that they could each follow the sessions in their own language. 

In addition, the FOD Justitie/SPF Justice branding was applied to all rooms. For example, the correct use of colours or the incorporation of the logo in the designs. The entire design for this online inspiration day was accurately elaborated by Once Storytelling. A recognisable online environment immediately creates a sense of familiarity with the participants, which in turn contributes to the entire event experience.

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