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Hackathon for students

Hack the future by the Cronos Group

Hackathon for students
  • 1 conference day
  • 350 attendees
  • 17 Rooms
  • 1260 hours of meetings

1260 hours of meetings across all rooms

As a student in your final year, you are at a major crossroads in your life. A brand new professional identity lies ahead. Hack The Future is an experience-driven hackathon for both IT and creative students and is the ultimate opportunity for you to get a taste of the inspiring jobs that await you!.

Organizing the annual Hack the future competition online and retaining the competition feeling as much as possible, we have succeeded fantastically in this thanks to Thola. It was a more than successful online event for both the organizers and the participants!​

Staff member


Live streaming

The event started with a live introduction and after all results from the student challenges were finished, there was a live price giving as well. The streaming was done by the organisers in their own studio with a green screen.

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