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Virtual Health Care conference

Virtual Health Care conference
  • 3 conference days in 2020 and 2021
  • 3 x ±900 attendees
  • 27 Rooms
  • live-streaming from Studio

Three parallel streams in a live studio

“Kwaliteit blijft en leeft” is a cycle of three innovative virtual conferences (VICO) for the Belgian health care sector. It is an initiative by GZA and ZNA with support from Zorgnet-Icuro. 

The event is filmed in three studios and live-streamed to Vimeo. The filming and streaming are performed by BLUE MOON studios in Ter Elst (Edegem-Antwerp). These parallel streams are displayed in three rooms in Thola, where people can easily switch from room to room.  

We started using the platform in September for our first event, and it made a huge improvement in just a couple of months. Both for us as event organiser and for our attendees. Changing the layout to our custom designed layout, including our custom avatars, is very intuitive.

Event organizer


Lobbies provide access to all rooms

In this event, from the main lobby that you join when entering the event, there are three more lobbies which guide users to the different rooms.

  • Auditoria lobby: access the various auditoria rooms to follow the parallel streams and one lobby to access the sponsor rooms.

  • Sponsors lobby: the event’s main sponsors also have a door straight from the main lobby with easy access to their room. This creation of shortcuts to certain rooms is one of the advantages of a virtual venue. 

  • Round tables lobby: nine round tables are arranged in nine rooms to provide easy access to the speaker’s round table that you want to join. Round table sessions are organised a couple of days after the main event.

The design and eventstructure is under copyright by
© acerio – Kaplus – GZA-ZNA – Kwaliteit Blijft en Leeft

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