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An amazing online corporate event: Town Hall 2022

An amazing online corporate event: Town Hall 2022
  • 1 day event
  • 9 rooms
  • 50 on-site attendees
  • 90 online attendees

An ecosystem of Cronos companies joins forces to organise a unique online corporate event in an outstanding airline theme.

This year’s Town Hall event proved to be successful yet again. The recipe? A great collaboration between multiple companies from De Cronos Groep. More specifically, Cronos Europa, Inspiiro and Thola teamed up to deliver an excellent online event experience to the participants. Next to this partnership, the services of The Jungle Group, a third party, were also called upon.

The goal of this online corporate event was twofold: inform employees of Cronos Europa about the results of last year on the one hand. And announce exciting new projects within the domain of HR, Marketing, Events etc. on the other.

Thola encapsulates Cronos Group at its best into a great digital platform: flexible, modern, collaborative and scalable tech delivering great customer experiences with a very human touch.

Giovanni Colucci – Pre-Sales & MarCom Director at Cronos Europa

Custom design - hybrid corporate event

A custom airline design

One of the reasons that made this online corporate event stand out, was the unique airline theme. Attendees were invited to embark on an extraordinary virtual journey around Europe. In order to give the participants an online travel experience from one destination to another, the design team of Inspiiro created different room backgrounds for each gate.

All gates had a similar structure: an overview of the gates on the left-hand side, a big screen with a video in the centre and a support button to maximise the user experience. However, each gate had a different design with typical objects proper to that specific destination. For example: Amsterdam’s gate included a bike, Strasburg’s gate a pretzel, Milan’s gate a Spritz cocktail and so on.

On top of that, we also included the avatars of the speakers of each video in the rooms. Fun fact: the speakers really received their very own avatars, which closely resembled themselves.

Self-pace journey

In addition to this impressive design, all the content was delivered in a way which really captivated the audience. The journey of this online corporate event kicked off in the departure hall, where the users were welcomed and received instructions from the host Walériane. 

The central hall was the starting point from which Cronos Europa passengers moved around from one gate to the other. Each gate included a video interview between Walériane and the respective managers of each department. Finally, the journey came to an end in the luggage room, where the passengers could listen to a voice message, read a goodbye message and write their travel experience in an open chat box.

The event organisers made the deliberate choice to pre-record all videos in a professional studio from The Jungle Group. This didn’t only result in a nicely matching travel background for each interview, but also enabled the passengers to undertake the journey at their own pace. Unlike in real-life, people who missed their flight on the day of the event, could still start their journey afterwards since the Thola platform kept its doors open up to 7 calendar days.

Self-pace journey - hybrid corporate event
Best of both worlds - hybrid corporate event

The best of both worlds

The corporate world is evolving more towards a hybrid and online way of working. Meaning that employees will work both at home and on-site. Since this was also the case for the employees of Cronos Europa, they combined the best of both worlds for their Townhall 2022 online corporate event. In particular, everyone who worked at the office that day was invited to watch the event on a big screen all together in a big meeting room. Employees who worked from home, could still participate the online corporate event at their own pace via the Thola platform.

In both scenarios, attendees were invited to connect with each other. For employees on-site this meant sharing a glass of champagne while catching up, whereas the online users could easily get in touch with each other by sending chat messages.

It’s the powerful combination of a unique design, interesting content delivered in an original way and a hybrid component all together that contributed to the success of this online corporate event. 

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