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4 editions of virtual learning sessions

4 editions of virtual learning sessions
  • 4 sessions of a 1 day event
  • 431 attendees
  • 17 rooms
  • 10 short pre-recorded presentations

A virtual learning session to inspire clients

Claeys & Engels, a law firm specialised in HR law, organised a Summer Quest event for their Dutch and French speaking clients. The goal of this virtual learning session was to inform their clients about the new ways of working after the COVID-19 pandemic. The attendees were also invited to interactive workshops to share their experience with each other. Given the holiday period, Claeys & Engels organised two sessions in July and two more in August.

We are using the Thola platform for the third time already. Each event is unique but we always get great response from our participants and colleagues. The platform is easy to use and fun. We can use our own images for an event, which is a real plus. The Thola team is attentive and never short of good advice. In short, see you soon for the next event!

Marketing Coordinator

Auditorium claeys&engels virtual learning session

A good mix between pre-recorded content and live streaming

Pre-recorded content
To kick off the virtual learning session, the attendees were invited into the auditorium to assist to the welcome speech of the Managing Partner. Afterwards, the attendees were given the opportunity to watch 10 short presentations, each dealing with a different issue that the attendees need to think about if their company is considering moving to hybrid or extended telework after the COVID-19 pandemic. A room was created for each topic. The use of pre-recorded videos is an advantage that allows attendees to compose their own programme and watch the recordings at their own pace.

Live streaming
In the afternoon, the attendees were redirected to the garden to participate in 3 interactive workshops. During these workshops, thanks to a case on hybrid work, experience sharing and brainstorming, the attendees received tips and tools to use in their practice. The day ended with a plenary session to share the reflections of the working groups with the other groups. Both the workshops and the plenary session were held via Microsoft Teams.

The convenience of locking doors

Our platform offers the possibility to lock the doors of your rooms with a timeframe, secret key, role and maximum capacity. For this virtual learning event, our client used the following two options:

  1. Timeframe lock
    The glass door in the lobby that gives access to the garden was locked with a timeframe. This means that the attendees could only access the garden in the afternoon, from 2 p.m. to participate in the workshops. If attendees clicked on the glass door in the morning, they received a notification that the room was closed and did not open before 2 p.m.

  2. Role lock
    The attendees had to subscribe beforehand for one specific workshop. To avoid that the attendees would be able to join a workshop that they were not registered for, our client locked the doors of the workshops with a certain role. This role was then assigned to the right users so that only users with that role could access the room. People who wanted to enter the room but didn’t have that role assigned to them, received a notification that they did not have access to the room.
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Garden claeys&engels virtual learning session

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