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An inspiring digital learning event with more than 50 explanatory videos

An inspiring digital learning event with more than 50 explanatory videos
  • 1 day event
  • 435 attendees
  • 832 chat messages
  • 52 videos
  • 9 rooms

An inspiring learning event with a perfect balance between engaging content and fun elements

The employees, managers and directors of the Australian buying team got virtually together for the roll-out of a new project. During this digital learning event, the attendees could enjoy a good mix of interesting content alternated by some fun activities. In a nutshell, an original event experience to inform all stakeholders in a fun and interactive way about the latest updates regarding the new project.

Thank you Thola for creating a platform where we could bring over 430 team members together for an engaging and interactive online event! The support from Thola exceeded our expectations and allowed us to turn around the event in record timing! This cost-effective event replicated a conference centre style event allowing efficient knowledge transfer combined with fun and hype! We would definitely use Thola again!


Cinema learning event

A wide range of engaging content

The main goal of this virtual learning event was to share knowledge and expertise about specific topics in an inspiring and interactive way. The event kicked off with a live welcome meeting in the cinema to explain the concept of the event. Afterwards, the attendees could discover the integrated content at their own pace. This content was spread over more than 9 rooms and could be found in different formats such as:

  • Pre-recorded explanatory videos about different topics
  • Well-structured PDF documents to support the content
  • Informative images and posters to bring the information visually to life
  • 360° virtual tour of the store with matching info sheets for certain products

The element of surprise: fun activities

In addition to powering the brain of the participants with heaps of information, the digital learning event also had something else in store. More specifically, some fun and relaxing activities to give the mind a break:

Music in the lobby
As soon as the attendees entered the lobby, some relaxing music started to play automatically.

Word-finder game
A challenge to find topic-related keywords. The first person that found the hidden word, received a special price.

Treasure hunt
If the attendees managed to solve all the clues related to the content, a secret key would appear. This key could be used to access the rooftop bar.

Exclusive rooftop bar
In this secret room the participants could enjoy a carefully selected party playlist by the rooftop DJ, request recipes for delicious cocktails and mocktails and last but least leave their feedback in a live chat box.

Rooftop learning event

More inspiration for your next events

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Our partner Once Storytelling will be happy to take your room designs to the next level! 

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