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Virtual networking event with more than 400 speed-dates

Virtual networking event with more than 400 speed-dates
  • 1 day event
  • 3 rooms
  • 135 attendees
  • 157 chat messages
  • 424 speed-dates

Sales meet sales virtual networking event with exciting speed-dates and a live quiz

Twice a year MiCRONOS organises a Sales Meet Sales event to bring the employees of The Cronos Group and Microsoft closer together. The theme for this virtual networking event was a hybrid office space. Next to a cool design, the attendees could enjoy multiple speed-dates and an entertaining live show during this online event.


MiCRONOS had the ambition to organize an interactive Sales Meet Sales event with the teams of the Cronos Group and Microsoft. Thanks to the new speed-dating feature developed for us by Thola and the "live" presence of our host in the virtual environment, we were able to offer a successful online networking moment. We received very enthusiastic reactions from our participants about this out-of-the-box networking event.

Community Manager

Lounge virtual networking event

A customised design

The design for this virtual networking event thas was created by our partner Once Storytelling for the ‘Connecting people in a hybrid world‘ event, was reused for this virtual networking event. This unique design includes a lobby, auditorium and lounge in a hybrid office theme. Also the avatars were tailor-made. The advantage of using a design template is that the rooms are ready-made but can still be personalised. For example: for this Sales Meet Sales event we’ve added the logo’s of the involved companies to the welcome sign in the lobby and lounge.

Do you also want to use these hybrid designs for your upcoming events? Good news! They are available for all our customers in the media library in our Thola dashboard.

424 speed-dates in 40 minutes

Spontaneously getting in contact with other attendees during a virtual networking event can be quite challenging. To tackle this obstacle, we upgraded our scheduled meetings component to facilitate low threshold speed-dates. These speed-dates can be fully set up in advance so that you, as an event organiser, can connect the right people with each other. For this Sales Meet Sales event we organised 50 simultaneous speed-dates in only 40 minutes. It’s the ideal formula to introduce new employees in your company or to connect employees and customers from all over the world.

Fun fact: did you know that you can customize the duration, timing and notification sound of these speed-dates? Our host Olivier recorded multiple short phrases to guide the attendees from one speed-date session to the next. Read more about it here.

Auditorium virtual networking event
Live quiz virtual networking event

A live quiz organised by an enthousiastic host

This inspiring virtual networking event ended with a bang! More specifically: an exciting live quiz where the Cronosieten and Microsofties competed against each other. This quiz was hosted by Olivier Schalbroeck in a very playful and fun way.
Our host presented live from the studio, which was live streamed into a MS Teams meeting with the support of Aviniti. It’s the perfect combination of a familiar environment for your attendees and a dynamic decor for the presenter.

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